What is Gentle Teaching?

Our agency is deeply rooted in the philosophy of Gentle Teaching. It inspires people to build connections based on true interdependence. It allows people to grow in genuine relationships that are not contingent on behaviours or compliance but rather through intentional guidance and understanding the value of the other. It centres on the person first and not their diagnosis. The focus becomes evoking change within ourselves not asking the other person to change, knowing that change within us will foster change in the other. By encouraging people to acknowledge how people’s histories and memories have shaped who they are today, we are able to look forward and learn how we can support them to live lives that are fulfilling and meaningful. Gentle Teaching is based on 4 pillars; teaching people to feel safe, showing them unconditional love, having others learn to become more loving towards people, and encouraging them to become more engaged in their own lives. Gentle Teaching is present at every level of our organization from the people we serve and the people we employ, to the community around us and the relationships we have with our personal networks. Gentle Teaching is a way of life here.

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Gentle Teaching focuses on four primary goals of care-giving:

Teaching the person to feel safe with us

Teaching the person to feel unconditionally loved by us

Teaching the person to feel loving towards us

Teaching the person to feel engaged with us

The Tools of Gentle Teaching





What is Our Central Purpose?

Our primary role is to teach feelings of companionship, love of self, love of others, and engagement in community life – not to get rid of behaviours, teach living skills, or make people productive citizens. We do not diminish the importance of these aforementioned values; however, they require a foundation of feeling safe and loved to see real success.

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Gentle Teaching Books & Articles

Mending Broken Hearts

by John J. McGee, PhD

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by John J. McGee, PhD

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by Sylvia M Fernandez-Colorado, Ph.D.

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by Ed Kiefer, Sr.

Gentle Teaching Themes






GT Theme - Contentment

Unconditional Love

GT Theme - Unconditional Love


GT Theme - Honesty


GT Theme - Diversity 2

Meaningful Daily Activities

GT Theme - Meaningful Daily Activities


GT Theme - Presence



Servant Leadership


Safety & Security


Building Relationships



Inner Contentment

Value In Your Team

Care Giving

The Value Of Community

Meaningful Activity


Care Giving



Servant Leadership

Meaningful Activities

Social Participation





Servant Leadership