Supported Living

What is SILP?
SILP (Supported Independent Living Program) is a support program intended to provide support to individuals to assist them in live independently in the community without support most of the time. This support will be individualized to assist people to fill in the gaps they may have in their independent living skills. In addition, SILP will support people to increase their self-support skills. Areas of support will be determined for each person based on their needs. Areas of SILP support may include:

  • Budgeting
  • Teaching daily living skills (housework, bus or transportation training, menu planning, cooking, interpersonal relations and/or personal care issues)
  • Assistance in dealing with community professionals (doctors, landlords, social workers, utility contact personnel, etc.)
  • Assistance in finding housing (help with phone calls, viewing, landlords, hook-ups, and giving guidance and suggestions regarding choices and availability)

SAI will intend to begin each individual’s support with a Person Centered Planning (PCP) meeting to help identify an individual’s goals and to facilitate ownership of who is going to help provide support towards these goals (SAI and/or personal support networks that exist). This process will be followed up by SAI’s regular PCP cycle to monitor progress in the achievement of these goals and to help identify new ones as they arise.

SILP is goal-focused support based on the individual’s identified life skills to be acquired or strengthened through the support of the SILP team and the individual’s existing personal/community support network.

Responsibilities of SILP Supported Individual:
The individual (in conjunction with their existing personal networks) need to be able to and be responsible for the following:

  • Access their own transportation to and from –employment, social activities, and appointments
  • Participate in the activities of skill development
  • Take medications independently
  • Possess and display a willingness to gain further independence
  • Accept the risk and responsibility of choice
  • Possess a desire to live within their current financial means
  • Handle emergency situations that arise independently

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