Supporting Individuals from the Comfort of
their Own Home

The Home Support Program at SAI is the largest program in our agency. Supporting over 60 adults with varying abilities in 14 homes across Saskatoon, SAI provides unconditional support to the people we serve.

Within a framework of Gentle Teaching, Servant Leadership and Person Centeredness, our Home Support Program is rooted in the understanding that it’s good to be together and that sometimes, families are made of ones choosing. In our early years, it was important to us that we gave people the choice to live in their own homes, a core belief that has shaped the growth and development of the Home Support Program over the last 20 years. Today, the majority of the individuals within the program live in privately rented homes throughout Saskatoon – meaning, SAI does not own the homes.

We believe this approach allows us to provide person centered and flexible opportunities for the people we support which values their dignity and provides them with an environment that makes them feel safe and loved. After all – these houses are not our “workplaces,” they are somebody’s home.

Interesting in Accessing Our
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