Providing a Life of Dignity and Respect for Those with Disabilities

Saskatchewan Alternative Initiatives (SAI) offers daytime supports (vocational, recreational and/or volunteer), home supports and supported independent living programs. We provide choices and opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities. Everyone in our community shares the privilege of living a life of dignity and respect as a participating citizen, which is why we partner with those we support to design personalized lifestyle options suited to the individual’s values, needs, dreams and desires.

At SAI it’s more than simply where people live, work and play. It’s a family environment where we are all learning and growing together. Our desire is that everyone connected to SAI will feel welcomed, valued and safe. We believe that by being person-centred and focusing on interconnectedness, together we all find meaning, purpose and joy.

SAI’s Mission

To develop person centered, flexible opportunities and support in the community for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

SAI’s Vision

That all people with disabilities will lead rich full lives, have equal opportunities for lifelong learning, be recognized as active and contributing members of society and be part of, not parallel to, their community.

We Believe

The central purpose of our presence in the lives of others is to teach, nurture and sustain the experience of connectedness, community and companionship.

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