Community Based Day Program

SAI’s Vocational Program is a program designed to support individuals who are seeking various employment, volunteer, and recreational options within our community. The program is the only one of it’s kind in the city, providing all supports for our individuals in the community. Not having a center base allows our individuals to be fully immersed in the community, and to be active community members. Each individual support plan is based on their own personal goals and is aimed to provide supports that help give a well rounded, fun and purposeful week. Area’s of fulfillment are as follows;

Employment: Our intended goal is to seek out employment that the individual enjoys and gets satisfaction out of. Employment options include working at community businesses (coffee shops, grocery stores, restaurants, auto shops, delivering flyers etc), working in-house at our own office or in the homes of our friends (paper shredding, cleaning, walking/tending to pets, gardening etc) or jumping in the truck to partake in SAI’s very own work crew where the team does various seasonal landscaping tasks, dump runs and odd jobs around the city.

Volunteer: We love to give back to the community! We volunteer at various places around the city including The Saskatoon Foodbank, Habitat for Humanity, the Good Food Box, The Clothing Depot, and the SPCA to name a few!

Recreation: There is no limit to the fun activities in our program! You can find us all over the city partaking in various recreational activities. Swimming at the civic center, walking the track, playing mini golf, or bowling just to name a few! Our support goal is to find any and all activities that bring our individuals joy, and help them to find meaning their day.

SAI’s day program goal is focused support based on the individuals needs, goals and dreams. We work together to create a meaningful program that combines employment, volunteer and recreations options for our individuals to thrive in the community, and be active community members.

Supported Employment to Create a Win-Win with Local Businesses

Are You a Forward-Thinking Business Leader Interested in Partnering With Us?

SAI connects with socially conscious businesses that are interested in thinking outside the box regarding their employment needs. We partner individuals and their supports with employers for a win-win partnership: Businesses can enjoy long-term employees, while our supported individuals attain supported independent employment based on their skills and interests.

Care to Join Us?

If your company has hard-to-fill positions, constant turnover or believes in the value of community inclusion, let’s talk.

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