How it all began: Back in 1995, a group of families gathered to discuss the life they wished for their family members with intellectual disabilities. The dream: to develop an organization where people could play a major role in their own life decisions, living in their own homes with the freedom to make choices for themselves and find a meaningful place within their communities. A pilot project began, supporting one individual through a temporary contract with the Community Living Division of the Saskatchewan Ministry of Social Services. This was the beginning of the SAI vocational/daytime supports program.

By 1997, SAI became an official non-profit organization, rooting itself in the philosophy of Gentle Teaching and offering vocational, daytime and home supports designed with the individuals’ values, desires and goals in mind. Since then, the success of SAI’s unique approach to support for individuals who’d previously struggled to find their place in community has continued to gain momentum. SAI has grown into an organization employing over 200 people and supporting over 80 individuals.

SAI has provided training and mentoring to other agencies throughout Saskatchewan and beyond. In 2008, SAI partnered with CLSD to create a new agency in Saskatchewan: Creative Options Regina. SAI continues to grow and receive requests for expansion of services to individuals whose support needs are currently unmet in our province.

SAI values community, companionship and interdependence – with those whom we serve and those with whom we work. This has resulted in lower employee turnover rates than the provincial sector average. In addition, SAI’s provincial and international profile is growing due to a continued leadership role with Gentle Teaching International.

We Admit It. We’re Different.

At SAI, we seek to ensure that:

The individuals we support feel safe with us and loved by us, so that they are free to be loving and meaningfully engaged with us and others.

We spend a lot of one-on-one time with people to really get to know their interests and abilities. From there, we develop individualized opportunities for each person within his or her community. Vocational/daytime supports utilize local services and business to maximize options and ensure that the appropriate safety nets are in place. Home supports reflect each person’s personal lifestyle preference, community norms and equality of citizenship.

Learning to make choices is an important aspect of a person’s life, as is learning responsibility for those choices. Those supported by SAI access and utilize the same local options as any other citizen of our community.

We also commit to each other:

That our team members will feel equipped and valued, so that we become active, participative members who take initiative.

SAI offers services to people with intellectual disabilities in a unique way that celebrates the value of each individual. At SAI, we embrace a language where subtle word choices represent a deep philosophy of valuing those we support, as well as our colleagues:

Instead of running group homes, SAI supports individuals in their own homes.

Instead of placing clients into programs, SAI helps individuals live according to their own values, discover their talents and interests, and reach their personal, individual goals.

Instead of employees working shifts, SAI team members provide support hours.

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