Who do we support?

SAI is open to persons with disabilities of any sex, race, religion, or ethnic origin who meets with the mandate of CLSD and for whom SAI can, with appropriate resources made available, offer a service that will reasonably address the applicant’s identified needs. The referring agent must complete funding arrangements for each applicant.

Admission Application Process

Applicants will express interest to SAI by submitting an application utilizing the standardized application process developed by SARC. Upon review of the application, SAI will determine if it has internal capacity within its programs or whether they intend to develop any new initiatives. If SAI foresees the opportunity to develop supports for the applicant, the Director of Support Services will contact the CLSD worker to arrange a meeting with the individual and their personal network to determine how SAI may be able to best meet the needs of the individual.

Upon receipt of above information the SAI Transitions Committee will meet to assess the application and render a decision to accept or not accept the applicant.

Once accepted, the individual and their parents/guardians or advocates must be orientated to and accept SAI philosophies, policies and procedures prior to admission.

All applicants are required to submit the following information to the Executive Director:

  • A completed application form
  • A completed SAI CSP (Comprehensive Support Package).
  • A previous placement history, including any current assessments, and an Individual Program Plan if available, etc.

Interested in Applying?