One day I used my black pleather home office basket to bring my administration to the house as my usual bag was being laundered. A little clunky but it did the job. I accidentally left it at the house prior to a few day off.

When I returned, I found that my shiny office basket was now housing a pair of fuzzy slippers.

It made me smile because either a support felt at home and thought it was as good of a place as any to leave their slippers, or one of my friends who lives there was tidying her home.

Once again, I forgot to take the basket home as it was not the norm for me to have this large basket with me.

The next time that I came back, there were three pair of supports’ slippers in it. This brought me to happy tears.

I brought my slippers the next day, and left the pretty black basket with slippers in the support room where it belongs.

It’s full now~ full of the slippers that carry the tootsies of the kind hearts and souls that I deeply admire.

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