What Does it Mean to be
Person Centred?

Person Centeredness recognizes that each of us wants lives where we are accepted and supported by, and contribute to, our communities.  This is the primary purpose of Person Centered support. The goal is to help people get better lives not just better on paper. We begin with meeting the person where s/he happens to be and working with the person and those who know and care about him/her to learn what best support looks like. This requires that we listen to what the person is saying through his/her words or actions and to find out what is meant by what is being said, then to act on what we hear.

 Person Centered support balances what the person needs and what the person wants both in the long term (dreams and goals) and in the moment to moment decisions and interactions throughout the day. A Person Centered approach creates opportunities for the person to learn more about him/herself and best support evolves as the person grows.

Want to Learn More About
Being Person Centred?

If you’re interested in learning more about what being person centred is, visit our partner Creative Options Regina’s website below where you will find tons of information and resources to help you.