Saskatchewan Alternative Initiatives

Saskatchewan Alternative Initiatives (SAI) offers vocational, recreational, volunteer and home support choices and opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities.

Everyone in our community shares the privilege of living a life of dignity and respect as a participating citizen. That’s why we partner with those we support to design personalized lifestyle options suited to the individual’s values, needs, dreams and desires…..

Home Support
Our home supports program reflects each person’s personal lifestyle preference and equality of citizenship while building meaningful relationships within their community. These unique services celebrate the individuality and value of each person we support.
Vocational Support
Individuals and their supports partner with local employers to create a win-win partnership where businesses can enjoy a team of dedicated employees, often for hard-to-keep positions, and our individuals attain paid, semi-independent employment based on their skills and interests.

Our daytime program also allows folks to explore their social and educational interests through the many community-based activities that Saskatoon has to offer.